Live in nature and discover its wild beauty

Zjedź niżej - Ikona

About the investment

Oasis of tranquillity
among the mountain panorama

Welcome a new day, looking at the picturesque panorama of the mountains from the terrace of one of the sixteen villa apartments we create especially for you.

The proximity of the Babiogórski National Park and the ski slope, where we have designed our intimate mountain homes, the unobstructed panorama, the sound of the stream, the wildness of the surrounding nature and the year-round leisure and cultural infrastructure, makes it a place to which you will want to return to relax in peace and quiet or feel the adrenaline.

Zavoyage opportunities and the surrounding area – watch the video

Actively or lazily? No matter how you like to relax, you’ll appreciate the beauty and opportunities that ZAVOYAGE offers

Panoramic view of the mountains

Endless recreational opportunities

Many roads, quick access

Close to nature, close to the city

Choose your apartment immersed in nature



Relaxation within reach

Relaxation without traffic jams
Zavoyage is your personal retreat in the mountains that you can reach at any time. Picturesque Zawoja, where we have planned our Zavoyage villa settlement, is accessible almost immediately due to the many alternative access roads leading to it via Śląsk, Wadowice, Skawina, Kraków or the so-called Zakopianka.

In addition, its close connection to the Kraków-Balice airport makes it a leading place on the map of Poland’s holiday destinations.

Relaxation begins almost immediately at Zavoyage. By avoiding crowded roads, you save health and energy and invest your time in yourself.

Infinite possibilities
all year round


Skiing and snowboarding

Mountain climbing

Water sports

Extreme sports

Horseback riding

Nearby attractions...

Area photos

Babia Góra zachód słońca

Right next to ZAVOYAGE




Outdoor/indoor wellness

Biological bathing pond

Silentium - zone of tranquillity and meditation

Fenced dog run

Grill shed

Place for communal feasts by the fire

Self outdoor bar

Individual green zones

Publicly accessible ski and bike room

01 / 03

High quality is our standard

Three mountain villas with spacious, exclusive apartments ranging in size from 31 to 70 sqm were planned for Phase I of Zavoyage. Their big advantage is the possibility of combining units vertically or horizontally. Each of the larger apartments will additionally have an assigned garden.
A spa area, i.e. a Finnish sauna, a jacuzzi with a panoramic view of the mountains, and additionally a relaxation area in Villa Polica are planned as standard for all apartments. In the case of two-bedroom and larger apartments, each will have a private, scenic regeneration area, i.e. its own Jacuzzi and Finnish or infra-red sauna.  However, this is not a necessity – by giving up the sauna, you can use the space, for example, to arrange a conservatory and optimize the budget.

A biological bathing pond, a treatment room, a siletium and an integration zone, where there will be, among other things, a barbecue shelter and a viewing terrace at the self-service beach bar “self mini bar” will serve for the common use of all ZAVOYAGE residents. In addition, each villa will have a hearth for social feasts by the fire.

We have prepared a turnkey apartment furnishing service for our clients in two style options.

Prices from PLN 551.545  net
including common and individual infrastructure.

Apartments from 30 to 268 m2

Terraces from 10 to 170 m2

Glazed walls

Utility rooms

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Inspired by nature, made for you

Zavoyage’s buildings blend in with the surrounding nature. This is thanks to the noble materials used for construction and finishing. The buildings will be topped with green roofs, and surrounded by endemic vegetation, which will act as a kind of camouflage – so that you can breathe away from the feeling of concrete urban infrastructure and actually lose yourself in nature.

This is also facilitated by a high-gloss steel façade covering that protects birds at the same time. Like a mirror, it will reflect the surrounding vegetation in an attempt to hide the buildings in nature. Low-rise buildings will give the whole an intimate atmosphere.
The attention to an unobstructed view, the matching of building floors to slopes, green roofs – this sums up the architectural craftsmanship in which we invested most of our time. Thanks to it, being both inside and outside the apartment, we will be constantly accompanied by the beauty of nature and the feeling of being part of it both today and tomorrow.

Green roofs

Sandstone on the facade

High-gloss steel on the facade

Wooden slats on exterior walls

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Naturally ecological and spectacular

We have planned a number of ecological and architectural-technological solutions in Zavoyage villas to integrate with nature as much as possible, and be part of it for years to come. Green photovoltaic roofs absorb moisture, dampen noise, clean the air and at the same time generate electricity. Heat pumps and recuperators take care of the hot water and thermal comfort of our apartments in both winter and summer, and in turn the temporary overproduction of electricity will, among other things, go into energy storage.

Photovoltaics and Energy Storage – the houses, thanks to the designed photovoltaic roofs, will generate electricity themselves and the installed energy storage facilities will allow energy to be stored when a surplus is generated.

Recuperation and Heat Pump – heating or cooling buildings and heating water, is a costly element hence to minimize the bills associated with obtaining a comfortable water and air temperature we use the already existing temperature.

Rainwater retention – being aware that water is becoming a scarce commodity, we take care to retain water. With green roofs, we maintain a favourable microclimate, and retain rainwater and use it to re-water green spaces.

Apartments for rent

The owners of the premises in the Zavoyage investment may decide to rent it out during their absence on the agreed dates. For our clients, we have prepared a rental service with a flexible ownership stay with 53% revenue share, and average profitability of all apartments at 9.6% per year, taking into account all capital expenditures incurred, i.e. apartment equipment, rent, utilities, marketing costs and inflation. The lease agreement is concluded for 10 years with an extension option. After signing it, we take over the entire service, replacing the owners in the process of: renting, contact with customers, maintaining cleanliness, maintaining greenery, etc.


Unobstructed view

Own land register

Rental service under one brand

Possibility for individuals to deduct 23% VAT

Exclusive location and quality workmanship
Mountains - Lake - National Park - Ski lifts (FIS) - Cycling routes

Anti-inflation protection and increase in investment value, thanks to great location and intimate architecture

Deduction of depreciation expenses

Discretion in the rental process

50/50 apartment rental revenue share

Owner management of the property kept to a minimum

You can also always consider the premises in Zavoyage as your second home, where you can retreat at any time. Renting is just a possibility!

About us

Highlander is not just a company, it’s a passion. It was established more than thirteen years ago, with a similar goal to the one we are creating Zavoyage for today – creating unconventional leisure destinations with a capital “W.” Extensive experience and an uncompromising approach to solutions resulted in a large part in tailor-made investments. Thanks to this, our projects have an exclusive character and the value of our clients’ properties is constantly increasing through this.

Since its inception, we have completed more than a dozen projects, developing both our construction and real estate portfolios, while increasing the reach of our offerings. At the same time, we realize more and more places and dreams of our clients while improving quality, technology while respecting nature.

What does Zavoyage mean?

Why Zavoyage?

This name and design is just the beginning of the adventure we want to put this place through, the rest depends on you.
Zavoyage because Zawoja, and since we are increasingly using English as a universal language for communication it became Zavoya – combining at the same time the Old Polish spelling for writing it as Zawoya, and Voyage. Voyage is rather something everyone associates with something easy and pleasant. Voyage means travel, and Voyage spelled in Polish as “Wojaż” means carefree and diverse travel, expeditions…. That’s how we associated all these elements with this magical place, which we believe will reflect the diversity of the location, the carefree nature, the beauty of wildlife, sports and leisure activities, as well as what we like to do together and what we like to do alone, and also what you yourself will bring to this place…that’s Zavoyage.

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